Colorado Rifle Club

Work Bond Excused/Exempt Requirements


Effective January 1, 2023


All CRC members have a one-day work bond responsibility which is a basic part of membership. Members are automatically EXEMPT if they fall into one of the following groups:


  1. The year they attain the Age of 65 or older
  2. CRC Club Director, Range Director, or Match Director
  3. Permanent Disability

Members must ask bookkeeper each year to be EXCUSED from work bond for any of the following reasons:


  1. Active military, police, firefighter, paramedic, or another 24-hour first responder.
  2. Reside more than 150 miles one way from CRC.
  3. Special circumstances or hardships such as illness, accident, unemployment.  Granting of EXCUSED status is applied upon the discretion of the BOD Officers.

Members may fulfill their responsibility by:

  1. One day of work on site: Match assistance, maintenance, etc.
  2. Contribution of materials or merchandise worth $150 or more.  Pre-approval is required.
  3. Payment of $150 along with annual membership dues.

Please keep the attached / enclosed card with you. When you do the work, it is your responsibility to get the card signed by the work supervisor and mail it to the address on the card or email a picture of it to the bookkeeper. If you work off site or alone, fill out the card and send it in.  Work Bond cards must be received by December 15.

If a member is in his / her first year, and attends orientation after August first, the member is EXCUSED from work bond for that year.

For a work bond card CLICK HERE.

If you have any questions, please contact the Work Bond Coordinator Dave Paananen HERE.

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