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Work Bond

Some shooting events may need help, see event schedule here.

Work Bond Form (pdf)

For normal active members, workbond may be fulfilled by: One day of work at the range or off site; Pre-approved contribution of merchandise or materials worth $100.00 or more; Payment of the $100.00 fee to the Sec/Treas. Workbond activities need to be coordinated with one of the match directors, or club officers. Some workbond jobs are posted on the website. There is a list of one person jobs on the bulletin board in the stat office. Workbond ideas are discussed in each newsletter, together with a list of upcoming shooting events (also posted on the web). Contact persons are listed for each of these work opportunities.

The Work Bond Fulfillment System
All active members fall in to one of the following categories regarding their workbond obligation:

  1. Normal
  2. Exempt – Members who fall into one of the following categories are permanently excused from performing work or having to pay the workbond fee:
        - Resident outside Colorado, or greater than 150 miles.
        - Age 65 or older
        - Permanent Disability
  3. Excused – Members may request to be excused from work. This status must be requested each year. The following are examples of reasons to be excused from workbond:
       - Active military duty
       - Services to the shooting sports (ie club officer, junior coach, etc.)
       - Serious illness or accident
       - Special circumstances

If your workbond status changes, contact a club officer, or the Workbond Coordinator. Requests to be excused must be done yearly.

Colorado Rifle Club members have many opportunities to fulfill their one day per year workbond obligation. There are two weekends during the year when the ranges are closed for major maintenance. Throughout the rest of the year there are day long tasks that can be done by one or two people unsupervised, tasks for frequent visitors that only add a couple hours to your shooting day, tasks that can utilize special construction or other skills that you may have, shooting events that need volunteers to run smoothly, or you may pay a fee of $100.00 in lieu of working.

Workbond obligation must be satisfied before November 1st.
Work bond reporting
You are issued a workbond fulfillment card when your annual dues are paid. Getting credit for completed work requires that the work activity coordinator sign the card. The card must then be sent in to the Sec/Treas at the address shown on the back of the card. If you are working alone at the range or off site, make arrangements with the work sponsor to get your card signed and sent in. If you decide to pay the $100.00 fee instead, send the payment and your workbond fulfillment card to the Sec/Treas. Remember to take care of this before Nov. 1 st.

It is your responsibility to make sure that you have satisfied your workbond obligation and signed and handed in your workbond card before the Nov. 1st deadline. Members who fail to satisfy their workbond may be dropped from club membership, even if they have paid their dues. If you have lost or misplaced your workbond card, you may print a copy from this link: Work Bond Form.

Contact the Workbond Coordinator Dave Paananen here with any questions.

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