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  • Pinned   NOTICE....the Silhouette Range berm road is now open to 500 meters. The road to 700 meters will REMAIN CLOSED to vehicles until further notice. DO NOT drive vehicles onto the berm surfaces. Please walk in to set up personal steel or paint the targets. The berms are still soft at this time. Thanks for your help keeping CRC in good condition.

Welcome to Colorado Rifle Club

Enjoy the finest shooting range facility in the state consisting of 7 different firing ranges on 2565 acres located near Byers, CO at 76099 East 96 Ave. The club is a private club and is never open to the general public except where Match Directors allow non-members to participate in scheduled events.

The Colorado Rifle Club was founded in 1925 and is a non-profit corporation under state law. All facilities have been built in strict conformity with codes and ordinances. Safety is our most important concern!





Upcoming Events


March 24, 2023 - Friday

XTC Team Practice 8:00 AM- 12:30 PM
High Power Range
Lee Farrell - (303) 915-7306 - Email Contact


March 25, 2023 - Saturday at 10:00

Archery Spring Shoot
Archery Range
John Armstrong - 303-350-9696 - Email Contact


March 25, 2023 - Saturday

Long Range Precision Rifle
Silhouette Range
RJ Dussart - (303) 898-0301 - Email Contact


March 25, 2023 - Saturday

Cowboys Berms 1-7 Setup 2:00 PM
East Range
Bill Hall - (303) 366.8827 - Email Contact
Event Day 1 of 2


March 25, 2023 - Saturday

IDPA Berms 1-7
East Range
Jason Thomas - (303) 349-9530 - Email Contact

Membership & Work Bonds

The ranges are open to members only, in daylight hours except during tournaments and special events. There is a separation between ranges conducting simultaneous activities. Driving time from Denver is about one hour. We are close to most shooters, but removed from urban pressure.

Colorado Rifle Club - Competition Shooting in Byers, Colorado


Thank you for considering a membership with Colorado Rifle Club.
Colorado Rifle Club is currently open for new membership and has no waiting list.

When accepted, members must attend an orientation so that they may become familiar with the facility and club safety rules and procedures. This is required so that we are sure you are safe and also so that you can take full advantage of the facilities.


We have facilities that are specially designed to a wide variety of shooting competition. learn about our competition and types of shooting that you can find at Colorado Rifle Club.

Colorado Rifle Club, Inc - Byers, Colorado

76099 E. 96th Ave., Byers. CO 80103