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Annual Meeting & Dinner
Cash Bar: 5pm, Dinner: 6pm
Meeting: 7pm
2020 Dues Renewal Notices
Have Been Mailed
96th Ave. CLOSED
West of CRC Entrance
Until Next Spring.
Access To CRC From
Rector-Leader Road Only
Always Check Event Schedule for Activities Before Going To Range
Keep gate closed and
locked, unless
an event sign is posted.
The last match director
to leave closes and
locks the gate.

Current Needs:

Current Needs updated Jan 24,2017

* A call list of volunteers is needed to mow during the week throughout the year.  This involves hooking the appropriate mower to one of the tractors and mowing various portions of the ranges.  

* We need a capable electrician to install the necessary components that will allow us to connect a generator to run the house in the event of an extended power outage.

* The Board of Directors would like some minor remodeling done to the ranch house.  Painting, replacing flooring, repairing wall damage, etc.

* Several upcoming shooting matches have requested member volunteers to assist during the match.  See the ShootingEvents section for details

*If you can help with any of these jobs, please contact Dave Paananen at , or phone - 303-673-0106.

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