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2020 Dues Renewal Notices
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2020 Event Schedule
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96th Ave. CLOSED
West of CRC Entrance
Until Next Spring.
Access To CRC From
Rector-Leader Road Only
Always Check Event Schedule for Activities Before Going To Range
Keep gate closed and
locked, unless
an event sign is posted.
The last match director
to leave closes and
locks the gate.
2019 Smallbore Prone Match Results:
Oddball Fun Match
September 8, 2019
Peter Reul - Winner
Jennifer Obee - 2nd Place
August 17 & 18, 2019
2019 State Prone Champion
Adrian Harris 
being given the
Championship Trophy
by 2018 Champ Ryan Waxler
July 27&28, 2019
   Winner:  Adrian Harris (again)
         3rd Place                        Winner                   1st Expert                         2nd Place
       Dennis Casey                 Adrian Harris             Jennifer Obee                      Peter Reul
Outdoor Smallbore Prone Summer League:
          Final 2019 Standings
                1600 League
                Handicap League
                                          1600 League
                                          Handicap League
                           1600 League
                           Handicap League  
Ryan Waxler                    1600 League
1600 League Winner           Handicap League
                           1600 League
                            Handicap League
Jennifer Obee                    8-11-2019
Handicap League Winner        1600 League
                                           Handicap League
                                          1600 League
                                          Handicap League
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