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October 26
Always Check Event Schedule for Acti
vities Before Going To Range
Keep gate closed and
locked, unless
an event sign is posted.
The last match director
to leave closes and
locks the gate.

2014 ARA .22 Rimfire Benchrest Results:


Current ARA Club Standings



9-13-2014 CRC ARA .22 Rimfire Benchrest Club Tournament

    Winner - John Wolf           2nd - Al Hofstein                     3rd - Bob Nation


8-10-2014 CRC ARA ,22 Rimfire Benchrest Colorado State Tournament

     Winner - Johnny M.                  3rd - Nick O.                       2nd - Al H.



     Third - Bob Nation              Second - John Wolf               Winner - Nick Obee
      2nd - Jack Odor                     Winner - Nick Obee               3rd - John Wolf





        Al Hofstein  -  Third            Nick Obee  -  Second           Jack Odor  - Winner
       Jack Odor - Winner                   Jennifer Obee - Third           Nick Obee  -  Second
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