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2011 ARA .22 Rimfire Benchrest Results:



Winner: Nick Obee                                 2nd:  Bob Nation            3rd:  Debbie DeWald 

September 10, 2011  -  State Tournament

    2nd: Charles Scott   3rd: Lones Wigger          4th: Al Hofstein        5th: Terry Oehler
                    Winner:  Fred Leeds (had to leave before results were finalized)
            Winner:  Alan Hofstein             2nd.:  Terry Oehler         3rd.:   Anthony Mark 


July 16, 2011 Club Match

Winner - Terry Oehler            Second Place - Alan Hofstein      Third Place - John Wolf


June 11, 2011 Club Match

     1st place - Terry Oehler          2nd place - Marty Everitt      3rd place -  Alan Hofstein


April 9, 2011 Club Match


May 21,2011 Club Match




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